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Grow the digital presence for your business
Widify specialise in generating leads, sales and web traffic for resellers and businesses.
We do this through a range of products and services. Our main product is Widify in a Box - a wireless solution which any business can plug into their existing broadband connection. We know our stuff when it comes to local online marketing and the pressures business owners face.
We work with clients, agencies and brand owners to support their online marketing and advertising. Clients are from a range of sectors including: property, hotels, restaurants, retail, beauty and local services. Businesses include King’s Road Sporting Club, Bluebird Chelsea, Beaufort House and Sophie’s Steakhouse.
Every business is unique and as a result, we provide a range of solutions. We believe in providing businesses with the right tools and solutions to grow your presence online.
Online marketing
Local advertising
Local SEO
Content marketing
Social media
WiFi Survey
Google Business Tours
Local websites
Social WiFi
01. Online marketing
Local online marketing for businesses.
Online marketing, building brand awareness and driving sales. Widify knows local – it’s our area of expertise. As well as providing online marketing services for clients, we are developing our awesome products like Widify in a Box and the Widify app to run local websites like Kingsroad.co.uk. We know our local stuff.
02. Local advertising
Highly targetd display and email marketing campaigns
Run display advertising campaigns on our local Widify websites and reach highly targeted audiences. We have run successful campaigns for Knight Frank, And So To Bed, ETM Group and many more.
03. Local SEO
Local search marketing
90 per cent of users are using search engines to find information. Making sure your business website is optimised and found is essential. Make sure you are tracking your keywords and rankings. Speak to us about starting a search marketing campaign.
04. Content marketing
Content production and placement
Content marketing is a highly effective way of reaching an audience and building your online presence. We can run both content marketing campaigns on our local Widify websites and also produce relevant local content for clients.
05. Social media
Grow your social media profiles
Are you too busy to run your social media profiles? Or do you need some support? At Widify we help businesses grow their presence on social media and build engaged communities.
06. Apps
Design and development of apps
With a team of talented developers and designers, we specialise in creating fun and engaging mobile and web apps. Our local websites are run on the Widify web app so we have plenty of expertise to offer.
07. Video
Video production for your business
One of the most engaging ways of reaching new and existing customers is through video. Video can quickly bring to life your business, vision, values and products. Speak to us about our video production services.
08. Websites
Website design and development
Do you need a website or do you need a redesign of your existing one? Tell us about your website project and find out more about our web development services and expertise.
09. Hosting
Website hosting for your business
Looking for a trusted partner to host your business website? As well as designing and developing websites and apps, we can also host them for you. We provide hosting for our clients where they benefit from a relationship with an account manager.
10. Domains
Domain management for your business
At Widify we can take care of the registration and management of your domains. A domain is the web address you’ll use for your business and it needs to be registered and renewed. You also need a domain to setup other services such as email.
11. Mobile
Mobile websites for your business
Reach more customers with a mobile websites. 94% of local users have looked for local information so making sure your website is optimised for local search is vital. Speak to us about creating a mobile version of your website.
12. WiFi surveys
Understand what WiFi solution is best
With our expertise in wireless, we provide business with surveys. A WiFi survey enables you to understand the best WiFi solution to implement for your business.
13. Google Business Tours
Book a virtual tour of your business
It is now possible to have a Google 360 degree virtual tour of the interior of your business with Google Business Photos. It’s a great way to showcase your business and optimise your listing in the Google search engine results. Get in touch with us to book a Google Business Photo tour.
14. Local websites
Where the streets have a name
Widify is also developing a web app to run local community websites. If you’re a brand or local business, visit Kingsroad.co.uk to see an example.
15. Wireless
Provide wireless access for your customers
Working with industry partners, Widify provide businesses with wireless and WiFi services. We do this with entry level products like Widify in a Box and more complext WiFi solutions for larger venues.
16. Social WiFi
Guest WiFi for your business
With products like Widify in a Box, customers accessing your internet hotspot log on via their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account. When they logon for the first time, you can ask them to follow or like your page. And if they come back, you can customise the message they post to their timeline. Using social WiFi you will increase your social media presence and capture valuable customer data.
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Widify Websites:
Kingsroad.co.uk is the local website for the Kings Road in Chelsea, London. The website is our flagship media brand and receives over 40,000 unique visitors. It has a highly engaged community. On Twitter alone, @kingsroad receives hundreds of mentions a week. Get in touch with us to find out more 020 33937190.
Fulhamroad.co.uk is the sister site to Kingsroad.co.uk and covers the SW6 and SW10 London postcodes. Whilst the community is much smaller than Kingsroad.co.uk, it is still a highly engaged and active community. For editorial and advertising opportunities, call 020 33937190.

Seasons Coffee House, a destination coffee shop on the west coast of Scotland, has selected Widify for its customer WiFi. It is using Widify in a Box to grow its social media and to collect more customer data. (more…)

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